• Eyes: Blue/Green
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 6'01"
  • Weight (lbs): 120
  • Blood: O Rh+
  • CMV: -
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, French, Italian, Scots-Irish
  • Jewish Ancestry: No
  • Education/Occupation: B.S Electrical Engineering / Student/Cook
  • Live Birth / Pregnancy Confirmed: No
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Test Results

Donor Description

George has tan skin, light brown hair, and eyes that are marbling of green and brown. His smile is broad with full lips and pearly white teeth. Overall, he is very attractive. He stays fit by enjoying his physically active hobbies of rock climbing, surfing, and hiking—he loves to spend time enjoying the outdoors.

George is a hard-working intellectual who feels right at home as a university student. He is an innovative thinker who enjoys abstract ideas and creative problem solving. While his personality is more on the quiet-side he is very charming and friendly with an understated yet quick wit. We enjoy his warm demeanor and insightful conversations. He has an aptitude for seeing the bigger picture and his role in it. He is a person who is very deliberate and intentional with his actions and has a lot of desire to give back to society and make the world a better place.