• Yeux : Marron / Vert
  • Cheveux : Blonds
  • Taille : 6'00"
  • Poids (en livres) : 158
  • Groupe sanguin : B Rh+
  • CMV : +
  • Origine ethnique : Mix, German, Vietnamese
  • Ascendance juive : Non
  • Éducation/profession : B.S. Software Engineering / Student
  • Grossesse confirmée : Oui
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Résultats des tests génétiques

Description du Donneur

Bennett has golden light brown hair, energetic green brown eyes and the most beautifully clear, fair skin. He not only sports these handsome features on the exterior, but also embodies the most handsome personality one can encounter. Bennett can be described as an incredibly responsible and goal driven individual, who is currently working towards his ideal career in the field of Cyber Security.

He stands 5’11’’ tall with an athletically medium build. He is an active person who enjoys running and mountain biking. During the winter months, you will likely find Bennett at the top of a ski slope, as he is an avid snowboarder. One of his fondest memories includes a trip to Whistler, Canada where he spent his time snowboarding with family. He also enjoys tinkering with electronics and takes pride in having built his own computer. Bennett is a talented individual and we really enjoy having him in the program.