• Yeux : Bleu
  • Cheveux : Blonds
  • Taille : 5'08"
  • Poids (en livres) : 150
  • Groupe sanguin : O Rh+
  • CMV : -
  • Origine ethnique : Caucasian, German, Irish, Norwegian, Polish
  • Ascendance juive : Non
  • Éducation/profession : B.S. Engineering / Tutor
  • Grossesse confirmée : Oui

Résultats des tests génétiques

Description du Donneur

Sage is quite cute! He is average height and maintains a lean physique by staying active. Sage has almond shaped bright blue eyes that stand out in contrast to his fair skin. He has straight blonde hair and matching beard that both have a little red in them. Sage has full pink lips and a cute smile.

Sage is quiet but confident. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy small talk, but if you get him going on a subject of interest he’ll gladly carry the conversation. Sage is very intelligent and prides himself on his academic accomplishments. He is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and plans to obtain his master’s degree in the same field. He may even get his PhD in the future as well.  Sage is very close to his family and values tight knit relationships with friends. Sage was conceived using IVF and knows the value of helping those trying to have families themselves