• Yeux : Marron / Vert
  • Cheveux : Brun clair
  • Taille : 5'08"
  • Poids (en livres) : 170
  • Groupe sanguin : A Rh+
  • CMV : -
  • Origine ethnique : Mix, Asian, Caucasian, Chinese, Norwegian
  • Ascendance juive : Non
  • Éducation/profession : Enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree Program / Student
  • Grossesse confirmée : Non
  • Informed Consent Form

Résultats des tests génétiques

Description du Donneur

Yoshi is a stellar guy! He has amber-colored eyes and very well-defined lips, with a few complimenting freckles on his face. His personality displays a kind, social, and charismatic attitude, and is very easy to converse with. Yoshi is highly educated and is currently studying computer/mechanical science. He also has an interest in astrophysics, which we find impressive and unique. In his free time, he enjoys playing rugby, staying active, and relaxing with friends and family.

Yoshi has an adventurous spirit, as he has great goals for himself, including traveling to Norway and Greenland one day. Other characteristics that would describe him are wise beyond his years, an honest but respectful person, and being very likable. We are so thankful to have him in our program!