• Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight (lbs): 170
  • Blood: O Rh+
  • CMV: +
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, Irish, Norwegian, Polish
  • Jewish Ancestry: No
  • Education/Occupation: Masters in Architecture / Architectural Designer
  • Live Birth / Pregnancy Confirmed: No
  • Informed Consent Form

Test Results

Donor Description

Paradise has thick hair, light-blue eyes, and a heart-shaped face. He has a rounded nose, full cheeks, full lips, and a square chin. He has a tidy, casual style and wears closely cropped facial hair which gives him a subtly rugged appearance.

Paradise is hardworking and intelligent with a winning personality. He is passionate about architecture as a career, art form, and subject of study. He has recently graduated, obtained his architecture license, and has embarked on his career as an architect which is a great use of his strong mathematic and artistic skills. He has a patient, caring, and engaging personality, so it comes as no surprise that his long-term goal is to become a professor of architecture after he gains more experience in the field.  While he is not ready to embark on starting a family of his own quite yet, he is excited to have the opportunity to help others have children.